‘The Simpsons’ Included A Fine And Fitting Tribute To The City Of Paris

Sunday evening’s episode of The Simpsons aired a poignant tribute to the victims of the Friday the 13th Paris terror attacks that left the world reeling. The scene in question paid tribute to more than one tragedy, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, this marquee included Jean Jullien’s “Peace for Paris” symbol. Jullien created the artwork as a response to the senseless attacks.

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Peace for Paris

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After Jullien posted his tribute to Paris, the artwork instantly spread across the globe. The symbol showed up on T-shirts within 24 hours and became a symbol of unity across the globe. So, it’s quite fitting that The Simpsons chose to use the symbol as part of its own tribute. You may also note the show’s name, which could refer to the Lafayette theater shooting that claimed lives during a Trainwreck screening in July. Although some have noted (thanks, guys) this could be pure coincidence and a reference to Hamilton the Musical.

The Simpsons is well known for its touching and never gratuitous tributes to tragedies. For all its moments of sporadic crudeness, The Simpsons weaves in subtle moments of emotion when appropriate. This brief moment stands as yet another example of the show’s status as an influential class act. The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks saw baby Maggie waving a “Je Suis Charlie” flag, and here’s a refresher.

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