A Singapore Airlines Plane Has To Make An Emergency Landing After Catching Fire

222 passengers and 19 crew members aboard a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER heading towards Milan on June, 27 are all lucky to be safe after a harrowing flight. According to CNN, the aircraft had to make an emergency landing after just two hours into flight, because of an engine warning message. You know how you drive your car with its ‘Check Engine’ light on for months? Yeah, don’t do that if you’re flying a plane.

Upon landing, the aircraft’s right engine burst into flames. Passengers were inside of the plane watching firefighters battle the small inferno. If it wasn’t for a quick acting pilot, this story would have had a much different ending. All passengers and crew members were evacuated quickly and were able to board different flights headed to Milan. Unfortunately for Singapore Airlines, this is yet another near-fatal incident added to a long list of aircraft troubles surrounding engine failures. Last year, an Airbus A330-300 carrying 194 people heading to Shanghai dropped 13,000 feet after “both engines experienced a temporary loss of power.”

(Via: CNN)