‘SNL’ Turns Kellyanne Conway Into An Unkillable Lunatic That’s Out For Revenge Against Jake Tapper

SNL has taken many different routes in portraying Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway. Starting out as an unwilling accomplice to the Trump administration, she then changed to someone just looking for a day off before busting out a musical number about how awesome she is. All of them pale in comparison to the dark, psychotic version that the show gave us this week.

Traveling back to the moment when CNN turned down Conway for an appearance on State of the Union with Jake Tapper, we are greeted by a White House counselor that does not like to be passed over. She’s got an office, after all. There’s no real beating around the bush here as Conway is crazy from the very moment Beck Bennett turns on the lights. And it’s pretty perfect, showing that Kate McKinnon can probably play her any way they want her to and it’d be worth your time.

And having her survive her fall from the window is the kind of thing you expect, but it still works. Like some sort of take off of Audition or Fatal Attraction with supernatural elements to push it into ridiculous territory. Would also give us a little insight into why Conway got off lightly for reportedly breaking a federal law by promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

UPDATE: Even Jake Tapper was left speechless! Or he’s out changing his locks.

(Via SNL)