Stephen Colbert Tries To Lure ‘The Mooch’ Out Of Anthony Scaramucci During Their Chat About Trump’s White House

Anthony Scaramucci stepped onto The Late Show Monday knowing well that it was like a comedy lion’s den and was greeted by a sea of boos while Queen played him to his seat. And almost from the very start, Stephen Colbert actually turned up the heat on The Mooch and didn’t hesitate to talk about his short tenure in The White House, Trump’s response to Charlottesville, and his feelings towards the members of the administration. That includes asking the former prospective communications director if he was brought in to get rid of Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus and if he can suck his own c*ck like Steve Bannon — an aspect that had The Mooch asking if that could fly on television.

The administration was where the early previews of the interview sunk in, with Scaramucci saying he was actually friendly with Priebus before taking the White House job. Of course, this just could’ve been another dig by The Mooch considering he said their “friendly” dealings were connected to Scarmucci’s donations. He also didn’t seem too broken up that the former chief of staff was fired, noting that he’d do the same to Steve Bannon if he were making the decisions.

Colbert also asks if Scaramucci believes that Bannon is a white supremacist, especially in light of the president’s comments this weekend and past allegations against the former Breitbart leader. Scaramucci doesn’t believe that he is, but mentions that the acceptance and normalization of it is his real concern coming out of the White House. He also doesn’t feel like his time with the administration burned him, not saying many critical words about President Trump and noting that he wouldn’t have changed anything if he could go back. Not even his comments about Bannon that will likely end up on his tombstone somewhere at this point.

He also does Colbert a solid by saying it is safe to come on the show for an interview and gifts him a personalized knife inside a sealed case, just so nobody got any crazy ideas backstage. With all of the Game Of Thrones references he was tossing around, it’d be easy to think things could go that route.

(Via The Late Show)