Stephen Colbert Gives An ‘MTV Cribs’ Tour Of Trump’s Alleged Pee-Pee Tape Hotel Room

Stephen Colbert hits the streets for the second night of Russia Week, but not before admitting he initially didn’t want to go to the country and giving an MTV Cribs tour of Trump’s alleged pee-pee hotel suite. As it turns out, the lavish room at the Ritz Carlton lives up to the status of a presidential suite in almost every way. Almost limitless closet space, living quarters, enough corners that you could probably fit quite a few normal hotel rooms in there. It certainly doesn’t seem like the place where you’d allegedly arrange to have a bunch of prostitutes urinate on a bed, but we also wouldn’t know. We’re usually lucky that the hotel rooms we stay in have some free coffee.

Still, Colbert comes with the jokes and probably won’t stop. He’s likely to milk this location for an actual segment on his show later on the week and you can’t blame him. If you had access not only to a fine hotel room and one with such a filthy allegation connected to it, you want to make the most of it. Also free soap.

Later on the actual Late Show broadcast, Colbert introduced his second segment of the week by saying he didn’t initially want to go. He honestly felt that the Russia scandal would have blown over and lost its luster. He was very wrong, of course, and now we’re devoting an entire week to the nation and its people. That was the focus of his second segment from St. Petersburg, hitting the streets for some weird chats with some of the locals and to get their feel for the current events.

He gets to stroke one guy’s beard — and he’s oddly OK with it — and fools around with some newlyweds and a pair of potatoes, and indulges in some street corn. If they sold corn on the streets here in America, we might not have the issues we face everyday. Folks would be too busy eating and picking corn out of their teeth to bother each other. It’s that and random fighting that keeps Russian society together.

Also, by the look on the face of the lady selling corn, you have to think she knew exactly what Colbert was talking about with the pee-pee tape and dreaded the day it finally surfaces.

(Via The Late Show)