Stephen Colbert Reveals Who Santa Claus Voted For In This Depressing ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Parody

Over 50 years after its initial airing, A Charlie Brown Christmas will forever be an American television classic during the the holiday season. Which is probably why Late Show host Stephen Colbert decided to open Tuesday’s episode with a topical tribute to Charles Schulz’s characters, complete with an animated version of himself confronting Santa Claus about who he voted for in the presidential election. And just so we’re clear, yes — “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” voted for Donald Trump.

“It can’t be that bad! I mean, the country is divided but in the end we’re all Americans,” Santa tells Colbert, who’s surprised by the annual gift-giver’s nationality. “Unlike that Easter Bunny. He loves on that island with all those huge stone heads.” That’s when Colbert suddenly realizes Santa voted in the election. “Santa, please tell me you didn’t vote for Trump.”

“It was the only thing Donald wanted for Christmas. My hands were tied!” he explains by way of defending himself. “Well [he’s on the naughty list], but he said he’d bring coal jobs back and I need that coal to drop in the naughty kids’ sacks. Do you really want to live in a world where the naughty don’t get punished?”

“No,” Colbert responds. “Just where they don’t become president.” Thanks a lot, Santa.