Stephen Colbert Braves The Spittle To Examine The Special Relationship Between Trump And Alex Jones

When it comes to voices that the president trusts on a daily basis, the hardest one to understand is Alex Jones and InfoWars. While Trump has waged vocal war on the rest of the media, referring to bodies like CNN and The New York Times as “fake news,” he has cozied up to places like Infowars and its fearless leader. Not only has Trump’s good pal Roger Stone been a major fixture on Jones’ show and helped to nurture the relationship with the president, Trump himself has sent congratulations to the host. There’s even talk that InfoWars might end up with a spot in the White House press pool, something that is sure to lead to a surreal moment in the near future.

Colbert made Jones his special target during tonight’s Late Show monologue, pointing out the host’s role as the president’s “validator” and how he has spent years combating chemicals that “turn the freaking frogs gay.” He’s quick to say you can’t judge a guy based on one or two clips showing him in the middle of frenzy, so he proceeds to show a bunch in a row. This includes the claim that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked and that the Orlando nightclub shooting was a false flag operation.

As Colbert puts it, one of the counselors to the president knows what it sounds like when a “monkey f*cks a football.” Something that will be coming soon to the White House briefing room.

Colbert also turns his focus on traditional media a bit, highlighting The Washington Post’s new subheader on their front page. He has some suggestions on where they can go from here, but it’s hard to top the darkness.

(Via The Late Show)