Stephen Colbert Brands Donald Trump ‘Chicken’ For Ducking The ‘Late Show’

As Touslegate has shown, America has certain expectations for how late night comedy chat show hosts interview presidential candidates. Stephen Colbert has already had one encounter with the GOP’s Great Orange Hope on his program, but it doesn’t look like that will happen again. The Late Show host passed on being diplomatic when discussing this issue on Sirius XM’s The Bill Carter Interview.

“I would ask him, but it is clear that Donald Trump is a coward ‘cause he won’t come back on the show,” Colbert told Bill Carter on the prospect of a new Trump one-on-one. “He’s a chicken.”

The interview, which is set to arrive in full on Carter’s show on Monday, also included discussion about the backlash Jimmy Fallon received for his playful Trump interview. Colbert says he doesn’t agree with the outrage directed in his rival’s direction.

“I think the host has this obligation – to be honest with their audience. And you have to go with your honest instincts. My honest instinct is to ask at least one question of some kind of substance with your guest…Every host’s responsibility is to be honest with themselves and with their audience about the kind of show that they do. So I fault no host who acts consistently and honestly. And I know what you’re talking about, but I didn’t actually see it. But I don’t entirely understand the furor about it.”

The upside for Colbert with his Trump chat issue is that he has Cartoon Donald on standby. That’s got to save a bundle in security costs.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)