CNN’s Jake Tapper Cut Off Unhinged Trump Advisor Stephen Miller After He Refused To Settle Down

After a week full of embarrassing revelations from Michael Wolff’s new book, which was largely fueled by “Sloppy Steve” Bannon, the White House had little choice but to send out a Sunday talk show representative. And notoriously huffy Senior Advisor Stephen Miller gleefully pulled the longest straw, which meant that he was the guy defending Trump’s bizarre tweet claim that he’s “like, really smart” and a “very stable genius.” The end result of Miller defending this tweet to CNN’s Jake Tapper on State of the Union? Not good.

Miller kicked off the above clip by slamming Tapper and the “so-called political geniuses” in D.C. for not realizing the power of Trump when he announced his campaign. To which Tapper pointed out, “The only person who’s called himself a genius in the last week is the president.” Naturally, Miller said that Trump’s claim is absolutely true, for he’s a “self made billionaire, revolutionized reality TV, and tapped into something magical in the heart of this country.”

Tapper responded that he was sure that POTUS was “watching and he’s happy you said that.” He added, “I don’t know what’s magical that you’re talking about” in reference to Trump’s 30 percent approval rating. Miller then accused the host of being “snide and condescending” and insisted that he be allowed to tell “the truth about the Donald Trump I know,” which didn’t go far because Tapper said that this was his show, and he wished to discuss issues.

Well, Miller got shouty, despite Tapper asking him to “settle down, settle down. Calm down.” And when the 32-year-old white nationalist refused to heed the host’s warnings, Tapper thanked Miller for his time and stated that he wouldn’t waste any more of his audience’s time. It’s no wonder that Pauly Shore can parody Miller to perfection. However, the “audience of one” referred to by Tapper very much enjoyed this interview — naturally, Trump believes that Miller “destroyed” Tapper.

Watch the full segment below, including the portion where he calls Bannon’s comments “grotesque” and “so vindictive.”

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(Via CNN)