A Huffy Stephen Miller Reportedly Had To Be Escorted Off A CNN Set After His Unhinged Interview

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If you thought White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller was done with the theatrics after his unhinged interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, think again. Not only did his defense of President Trump grow so combative (and redundant) that Tapper cut him off, but Miller apparently refused to leave the set. Perhaps he thought he could weasel (just like Pauly Shore) his way back on air?

Whatever his motives, Business Insider reports (via two sources close to CNN) that Miller was repeatedly asked to leave the set after his abbreviated interview, and he would not budge until security carted him away:

Stephen Miller was escorted off the set of CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday after a contentious interview with host Jake Tapper.

Two sources close to the situation told Business Insider that after the taping was done, Miller was politely asked to leave several times. He ignored those requests and ultimately security was called and he was escorted out, the sources said.

Business Insider notes that CNN “declined to comment” on this account, which could be viewed as confirmation via a lack of denial? After all, there’s little use in CNN providing an acknowledgement after the “audience of one” (as Tapper called Trump) erroneously declared that Miller “destroyed” his host. CNN’s simply letting the report stand after Miller shamelessly declared Trump’s genius because he’s a “self made billionaire [and] revolutionized reality TV.” As Tapper acknowledged, that was good enough to satisfy POTUS, and it was already doubtful (even before the reported refusal to leave) that Miller would ever invited back to CNN again.

(Via Business Insider)