Steve Bannon Will Give His First Post-White House TV Interview To Charlie Rose On ’60 Minutes’

Hang on to your hat, because Steve Bannon is back. Last we heard, he’d been bounced from the White House as chief strategist after months of rumors that suggested he was almost always at odds with someone in the Trump administration, from the President himself to his children to his other favorites and top advisors. Now, he’s gearing up for his first interview since he was fired, which will be with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes, and this interview is in some ways a genuine reason to sit up and take note.

Media-savvy Bannon is known for shying away from the press, and his notable interviews in the past few years are few and far between. Bannon recently refused to admit whether it was actually an interview when he talked to Robert Kuttner at the American Prospect and called white supremacists “a collection of clowns” after many tried to throw him under the bus for President Trump’s “both sides” comment after Charlottesville.

Then there were his controversial comments to Ronald Radosh of the Daily Beast last year, when he allegedly described himself as a “Leninist” who wants “to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Bannon also denied that was an interview, and denied the exchange. He told Radosh, “As u can tell from the past few days I am not doing media.”

So a legit interview, acknowledged as such, with one of the biggest hosts in the interview biz on a program that is one of the familiar steadies of America’s media landscape, is a pretty big deal for Bannon. He is, to use his own parlance, doing media. The interview will air 7 p.m. Sunday, as well as on Monday’s CBS This Morning program. It will be interesting to see what the normally reticent White House alum will have to say about where he’s going and where he’s been.

(Via CBS)