Rep. Steve King Regrets Nothing About His White Supremacist Tweet: ‘I’m A Champion For Western Civilization’

GOP Congressman Steve King made David Duke’s Sunday great with a white supremacist tweet in support of Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders, who’s campaigning on a platform to rid the Netherlands of Muslims. King’s relevant tweet stated, “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” This earned him a ticket to a Chris Cuomo New Day grilling, where the host trucked out the “double down” term for good reason.

In the brief clip above (the full whammy is at the bottom of this post), King called himself a “champion of Western civilization.” He also seemed appalled at how he’s seeing “hatred” from the left whenever he makes comments such as these, and he takes a moment to shade Obama’s presidency:

“I’d like to see an America that’s just so homogenous that we look a lot the same from that perspective. I think there’s been far too much focus on race, especially in the last 8 years. I want to see that put behind us … I gave a speech on Saturday, and half the liberals got up and left the room …. they’re looking for hatred.”

At that point, Cuomo pointed out how divisive King’s words are (the “doubling down” bit), but King insisted that he was simply acting as a “champion of Western civilization.” Cuomo countered that “someone else’s babies” sounded a lot like “you’re either white or you’re not right.” Perhaps Cuomo was hoping to shock King with his own sentiments, but it didn’t work. King began to ramble about “intermarriage,” and it was all downhill from there, which is amazing because the segment began at the bottom — with King lamenting white birth rates and how people aren’t having enough white babies:

Well, of course I meant exactly what I said, as is always the case, Chris. And to expand on that a little further, I’ve been to Europe, and I’ve spoken on the issue, and I’ve said the same thing as far as ten years ago to the German people and to any population of people that is a declining population that doesn’t … isn’t willing enough to have enough babies to reproduce themselves. And I’ve said to them, ‘You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else’s babies. You’ve got to keep your birth rate up and that you need to teach your children your values. And in doing so, then you can grow your population and you can strengthen your culture, you can strengthen your way of life.”

Lordy. By the way, Rep. David Young (D-Iowa) is subtweeting the heck out of his fellow Iowa congressman this morning: “America is not about any one color, or one ethnicity, or one faith.”

You can watch the full Cuomo-King interview below. It is astounding.