A String Of Robberies In Missouri Has The Local Police Blaming ‘Pokemon Go’

Listen, folks. I know your Pokemon are cool and fun and cute and all that but for god’s sake, don’t forget this is like, the real world and not a video game or a cartoon, okay? Because if you do forget that very simple, very elementary fact, you could well find yourselves in the same kind of deep doo doo that some folks in O’Fallon, Mo. did early Sunday morning.

Seems as though some Pokemon lovers in the midwestern hamlet were all jazzed about playing Pokemon Go on Saturday and it didn’t even cross their minds that displaying their location publicly means, well that, their exact locations were known publicly. There are some bad people out there on the Pokemon Go app. And… well, let’s let the O’Fallon Police Department take it from here via its Facebook page.

That’s right. Some of those bad people used a beacon to find players “standing around in the middle of a parking lot,” and decided to go and rob them. This is not how Pokemon Go is supposed to work, dear friends. There was nothing in the rules that said telling a bunch of randos exactly where you are at all times would lead to them coming and stealing your wallets and phones and whatever else. Sigh.

Look the moral of the story is to be careful with your Pokemon Go games. Oh and also, think before telling the world what parking lot you’ll be standing around in. This is not an augmented reality, it’s just plain reality. Even Mew and Bulbasaur know that.