A Subway Employee Was Arrested After Allegedly Dropping A Whole Bunch Of Drugs Into A Police Officer’s Drink

A Utah police officer was hospitalized this week after a Subway employee allegedly poisoned his drink with a cocktail of drugs including marijuana, THC and methamphetamine. Just one of those intoxicants would have an effect on an unknowing person, much less all three. The unnamed sergeant stopped at the chain’s Layton location on Monday for lunch, but when he took a sip of his drink he tasted what appeared to be “chemicals” and quickly knew that something was not right.

The sergeant attempted to make his way back to the station, but was unable to control his body and could not brake at a red light. Thankfully he was not injured, and his fellow officers rushed him to the hospital and took the drink to be tested.

The Subway employee allegedly responsible for putting the drugs in the officer’s drink, 18-year-old Tanis Lloyd Ukena, was subsequently arrested over the incident. According to Sgt. Clint Bobrowski with Layton police, the surveillance video from Subway clearly shows what happened:

“The suspect was seen taking the sergeant’s order, filling his drink,” Sgt. Bobrowski said. “The suspect left the sergeant’s drink on the counter and left the picture frame. In the video you can see him returning with something in his hand and then leaning over the sergeant’s drink for an unusual amount of time. The suspect then provided the sergeant with the drink.”

You have to wonder what Ukena’s end game was, here. At best, it seems like an egregious waste of drugs. At worst, he could have gotten somebody killed. But he’ll probably have plenty of time to think about that now from a jail cell.