Sunny Hostin Is Forced To Backtrack On ‘The View’ After Suggesting Someone Should Take Trump Out Back

As the plot grows ever thicker in the Mueller investigation, President Trump managed once again to pull off a sleight of hand misdirection on Thursday morning by essentially challenging Joe Biden to a schoolyard fight, after the former Vice President joked the day before about how he would have taken Trump behind the gym if they had attended high school together. Suffice to say the controversy worked, in addition to making its way to hot topics on The View a few hours later.

During the panel discussion, at one point Sunny Hostin articulated what many people were thinking about the whole thing. “That’s the thing, Trump is such a bully,” she pointed out. “I almost, and I hate to say this– why hasn’t anybody taken him out back and kicked his little butt.”

Hostin’s remark was quickly taken out of context, as Meghan McCain jumped in to admonish her for supposedly advocating for violence, reminding the women that the left didn’t like it when Trump was doing the same on the campaign trail. But when Hostin clarified that she’d just like to see someone stand up to Trump, McCain jumped down her throat. “We have Secret Service! He’s the president of the United States,” she yelled. “You want somebody to take him out back and beat the crap out of him?”

Clearly, Hostin wasn’t really saying that, but Whoopi Goldberg agreed. “Now here’s what’s going to happen to your behind, the Secret Service is gonna call you,” she shot back. “Let’s move on.”

When Joy Behar tried to get Hostin to admit she didn’t really mean it, Hostin somehow managed to dig herself in further, before producers apparently intervened. “They would like me to say this,” she said, pointing to her earpiece. “Just to be clear, I was in no way advocating violence towards the president, I just want to clarify that.”

Thank goodness we’re all clear on that, then.