Authorities Have Arrested A Suspect In The Washington Mall Shooting

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Late on Friday evening, a lone gunman opened fire inside of the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, leaving five dead and the shooter still on the loose. Police launched a massive manhunt to apprehend the suspect and now, according to the BBC, they have a suspect in custody.

The shooter entered the Macy’s inside of the Cascade Mall before opening fire, leaving four women dead on the scene and one male who died later in the hospital. The suspect was apprehended at around 7pm Western time on Saturday night in Oak Harbor, which is just shy of 30 miles southwest of Burlington, where the shooting occurred.

CNN reports a news conference will take place at approximately 12:30 am, EST. As of now, there have still not been any details released about the shooter, including personal information or a possible motive. All that is known about him are the few, blurry security camera stills that were released earlier on in the day by authorities in an attempt to find the shooter.

The footage from the cameras shows the shooter inside of the Macy’s unarmed on Friday evening, only to return moments later with what was described as a “hunting-style rifle.”

(Via BBC, USA Today & CNN)