The ‘Latinos For Trump’ Founder Warns Of Taco Trucks On Every Corner, But Everyone Thinks That’s Awesome

The founder of ‘Latinos For Trump’ (because yes there is such a thing) Marco Gutierrez spoke with MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Thursday to talk about what could happen should the country not support Trump’s immigration plan to deport 11 million immigrants on his “first day in office.” During the conversation, Gutierrez says that his culture is a “dominant” one and that if the United States doesn’t do something about the number of Latino people in the country right now that we will “have taco trucks on every corner.” Which sounds like an awful result of not deporting people, just a terrible thing to have happen in this countr … wait wait wait no. That. Sounds. AWESOME.

Taco trucks on every corner is like if all of the best parts of living in Los Angeles was expanded to the rest of the country. Imagine the convenience! The variety of tacos that would proliferate due to increased competition and the need to be more creative! Taco trucks on every corner is pretty much the dream, and anyone who uses it as a threat to support a racist deportation policy is clearly misreading their audience completely. Nobody should think “taco trucks on every corner?” and feel worse. In fact, the mere thought of taco trucks on every corner is a solution to many ills. Nobody would ever be sad because of lack of tacos again.

Of course, LA residents are already ahead of the game on this one.

Then there’s the group that would immediately change their vote or get their butts to the polls ASAP if this were on someone’s actual platform.

A few holdouts are interested in what the topping setup would be like or insisting on caveats for this plan to work.

Like yourself (we assumed), much of the internet was jumping for joy over the idea of tacos everywhere.

One person did get let down when they realized all this taco talk is because of Trump.

You know what fixes that? A taco or four.

It’s not a popular internet topic until a few people breaking out some memes.

Then there are the reporters, the level headed thinkers, the logical part of the population. They all want tacos too, but also are chiming in about the actual effect such a policy would have on the country. Good to know there are people out there that will be responsible even after everyone goes into a taco coma.

The policy idea might not be real, but the craving sure is. You know what to do America.

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