There Is Going To Be A Wall Of Taco Trucks Outside Trump Hotel In Vegas On Wednesday


The final presidential debate. The further breakdown of Donald Trump and his entire campaign. A legitimate wall of taco trucks that will line up outside of Trump’s hotel in Vegas.

These are all things that will happen on Wednesday night at some point. Depending on your perspective, one or more of these things is music to your ears. Regardless of your perspective, taco trucks should be the most exciting one. The Culinary Union – with help from organizations like American Bridge, Latino Victory Project, PLAN Action, iAmerica Action, Center for Community Change Action, and For Our Future, as well as other activists – will be building a metaphorical “wall” of taco trucks outside the hotel, which is only a few miles from the final debate location taking place at UNLV.

Yvonne Cancela, leader of the primarily latino union, says the purpose of the event is to “[remind] Mr. Trump that immigrant workers here and across the country will be watching the debate and voting in November.”

Ruben Kihuen, who is a Democrat running for the 4th Congressional District in Nevada, spoke out about Trump’s candidacy and the event as well. According to BuzzFeed News,

“We’re protesting Donald Trump’s hotel here in Vegas, where a majority of workers voted to unionize, and shamefully Trump has failed to sit down at the table with them. As he has demonized Hispanics, women, veterans, and the disabled, we will send him and those who supported him like my opponent Congressman Cresent Hardy a message that we’re here and we vote.”

It might be a small benefit to come from this nightmare of an election year, but at least people in Vegas can finally get the taco trucks on every corner that America was promised with a Hillary win. May this be a sign of better things to come. And more tacos.

(via BuzzFeed News)