Tallahassee’s First Snowfall In Three Decades Sent People Scrambling To Post Video Footage

A “bomb cyclone” winter storm has begun to hit the Eastern seaboard. The storm is expected to reach from New England to Florida, with cities like Boston, and possibly Washington D.C., expected to see hurricane-like winds and potentially over a foot of snow accumulation to go along with falling temperatures.

While winter storms and cold snaps can be extremely dangerous, in areas where snow is rare, a few inches of snow on the ground is a chance to see what it’s like for more northernly parts of the country during winter as well as an opportunity to post some good footage and nice pictures on Twitter. Several residents of Tallahassee, Florida did just that on Wednesday when the state capitol saw its first snowfall since 1989, leading to a number of schools and government offices closing for a snow day as well as roads closing during the morning commute because of icy conditions.

While Americans in the Midwest, Northeast, or other areas where snow is much more common might scoff at schools and roads closing because of “a few flurries,” the city of Tallahassee’s quick response to a rare weather phenomena (again, the first snowfall in the city in 28 years) is commendable.