Taylor Swift Finally Got Her $1 Symbolic Sexual Assault Settlement, But In A Very Petty Way

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It would seem that in the wake of Reputation, Taylor Swift is having an amazing year by all measures. While that may be the case now, she was going through a pretty difficult time a few months ago, when she testified in court against Denver radio DJ David Mueller, who was found guilty of groping her during a photo op in 2013. The judgement earned Swift a single dollar, which was of course more about the symbolism than the money.

In her recent Time magazine cover, Swift said that at the time, she hadn’t yet been paid: “When the jury found in my favor, the man who sexually assaulted me was court-ordered to give me a symbolic $1. To this day he has not paid me that dollar, and I think that act of defiance is symbolic in itself.”

Following publication of the Time feature, though, Mueller showed the Associated Press a letter proving that he mailed her a $1 Sacagawea coin last week, on November 28th. Mueller also said that the reason for sending the Sacagawea coin instead of, say, a one dollar bill or a check, was that he intended the gesture to be “a final jab at the singer in a case her side called a win for all women.”

Read Swift’s advice for victims of sexual harassment here.