Watch Ted Cruz Get Booed Off The Stage By Angry Trump Supporters At The Republican Convention

Following Donald Trump’s eventful, if not brilliant, interruption of Ted Cruz’s televised rally on Wednesday, reporters and pundits were left wondering whether the former presidential rival would endorse his bitter enemy. After all, from Cruz’s standpoint, such would amount to commending the nomination and potential White House career of the same man who repeatedly insulted his wife (among other family members) on the campaign trail. Well, now we finally know whether the junior Texas senator is willing to lend his name to Trump’s presidential efforts.

The answer is most assuredly no.

Sure, Cruz congratulated Trump on officially becoming the Republican party’s presidential nominee, but he never mentioned HIS name again. Instead, he spent most of the long, intricate, and ideologically focused speech discussing conservative ideals and what the perfect GOP candidate would be and do, some of which didn’t necessarily ring true with Trump’s many campaign promises.

Hardcore Trump supporters among the delegates, especially the New York delegation, took offense to Cruz’s attempts to sidestep their nominee and began shouting “We Want Trump!” and “Endorse Trump!” through the speech. Cruz smiled at the interruption, joking that he “[appreciated] the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.” Yet the senator never did endorse the New York real estate mogul, instead opting to finish his 23-minute speech and leave the stage amidst a chorus of boos. It was a scene unlike anything we’ve seen at a modern national political convention, as presidential historian Michael Beschloss noted.

Considering their rather combative history, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Cruz decided not to endorse Trump. Not only did the latter interrupt the speaker’s midday rally, but he also entered Quicken Loans Arena at the beginning of Cruz’s remarks so as to distract as many cameras as possible. It worked.

What’s more, it seemed the Trump family was well aware of what Cruz was up to throughout his time on stage.

Reactions after the speech were predictable…

Check out the full speech below.