Watch Ted Cruz Tell A MS-Stricken Woman On Medicaid ‘Congratulations On Your Struggles’

During his CNN debate with Bernie Sanders over Obamacare on Tuesday, Ted Cruz had a bit of an awkward moment. Awkward is a familiar word associated with Cruz, but this was particularly cringeworthy as he congratulated an audience member for her struggles with multiple sclerosis.

To add a little context to the situation, the woman asked Cruz how the current administration and Republicans would help her continue to receive care for her MS, which is being covered by Medicaid at the moment. Like the polite politician he is, Cruz thanked her. And in case she didn’t hear him, he congratulated her again: “Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on dealing with MS, it’s a terrible disease and congratulations on your struggles dealing with it.”

Cruz’s first congratulations may have been a simple gaffe as he may have wanted just simply to thank her for the question. But the slip-up didn’t deter him as he doubled down. The awkwardness didn’t end there, as Cruz revealed a map highlighting Obamacare’s fault and victories. But it wasn’t a poster board or PowerPoint presentation he used to unveil the map, no he used a standard piece of paper. It may have worked on his Twitter page, but it’s doubtful the moderators could even see it.

(Via New York Daily News & The Blaze)