The Internet Pounced Upon Ted Cruz After He Backtracked On His Refusal To Endorse Donald Trump

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On Friday, Ted Cruz waved hello to the darkness and endorsed Donald Trump. The announcement was preceded by speculation, after which Cruz issued a not so enthusiastic message to his Facebook page. He had deliberated for many months “of prayer and searching my own conscience,” and in the end, he decided to vote for Trump. He added that he was honoring the previous endorsement pledge taken by all Republican candidates, which leads to the conclusion that Cruz is playing the long game with the GOP. He may sense a Trump loss and hope to mend fences after his defiant and deliciously public endorsement refusal at the RNC. This may all be for a Cruz 2020 bid.

Cruz also listed the many points why he’s committed to his “#NeverHillary” stance. He rants about his distaste for Hillary Clinton’s immigration and health care policies, and Trump seems like an afterthought. However, the internet is not treating this endorsement as an afterthought. Commenters on Cruz’s Facebook post are so disappointed. Folks will be prying Cruz bumper stickers off their cars tonight!

And Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account swiftly retweeted an old Cruz tweet.
Many of the Twitter reactions call out Cruz for apparently backtracking on all of the insults he’s tossed Trump’s way. Behold.

Naturally, there were some Zodiac Killer jokes in the mix.

Also, the JFK assassination rumor that Trump probably planted in The Enquirer is getting some airtime. Poor Rafael Cruz.

But the attention wasn’t all negative. Current Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway declared that she’s in “heaven” right now.

Noted Trump devotees Diamond and Silk are very happy, so that’s something.

Finally, people are expecting Trump to turn around and humiliate Cruz at any moment as a payback. Remember how a Trump plane interrupted a Cruz speech at the RNC? Yes, something like that will likely happen.

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