Heidi Cruz Was Escorted From The RNC Floor Following Ted Cruz’s Speech

Republican National Convention: Day Three
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Ted Cruz is getting some questionable praise and plenty of derision following his speech at the Republican National Convention, mostly stemming from his decision not to endorse Donald Trump. Most in the crowd seemed pleased up until that moment and it’s becoming clear that just booing the Texas senator wasn’t enough for many on the floor.

Rafael Cruz and Heidi Cruz both seemed to end up with some targets on their backs thanks to Cruz’s speech, something that usually only seems to happen while on stage. Things seemed to get pretty ugly at one moment, prompting Ken Cuccinelli and security on the RNC floor to take action:

Ken Cuccinelli, former Virginia attorney general and a close Cruz confidant who was sitting with Heidi as her husband spoke, told reporters he saw Trump supporters accosting her.

“People behind her were getting very ugly and physically approaching her and [Cruz’s father] Rafael,” he said. “It was not a pretty situation, and the decision was instantly made to not talk to media and get immediately out of the arena.”

There was also plenty of ire waiting for Ted Cruz when he made it to the donor’s suite following his speech, leading to one heated exchange that you hope there’s video for at some point.

So if you thought Ted Cruz wasn’t going to be his typical self during his appearance at the RNC, you clearly weren’t paying attention to his entire career to this point. It really makes me think the entire jet interruption today was not just an accident. As does this:

(Via The Hill)