One Man’s Quest For Selfies With Candidates Turned Into A Prank On Ted Cruz

I’m almost starting to feel bad for Ted Cruz. The presidential candidate hugged two students at his rally on Sunday night before the Iowa Caucus after they got engaged in front of them. Except that they weren’t really together; they just wanted a selfie with him.

According to, Arden Jurskis and Kenzy Peach are Emerson College students who are touring the Iowa Caucus campaign events with their school. The two students have been trying to get selfies with multiple candidates, including Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

According to Peach, she came up with the idea to get a picture with Cruz by having Jurskis propose marriage to her. “I went to a couple other rallies – Bernie Sanders was taking pictures over a railing, which was what we expected,” she said. “But Ted was just walking around in the crowd. So we decided to do something ridiculous.”

Apparently, the two students felt “kind of bad” about their stunt, given how excited and nice Cruz was about it. Then they remembered who he is. “But then I remember his policies,” Peach said.

This Ted Cruz hug seems way better than the one he tried to give his daughter that same day. Too bad it was not redemption, however, but all lies.