Ted Cruz Himself Clears Up Those Rumors About Wanting To Ban ‘Self Love’ In Texas

GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Holds Primary Night Gathering In Houston, Texas
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Because Ted Cruz is running for president of the United States, there’s renewed interest in a case that he argued as Texas’ Solicitor General to uphold a state law that bans the commercial sale of “obscene devices,” like sex toys. A partial panel of the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the law, saying that it violates people’s right to privacy, so Cruz and his office filed for the entire court to hear it. They declined, and nobody decided to take this to the Supreme Court, thank goodness.

Now, somebody has asked present day senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz about this case. Mediaite has a transcript of Curtis Sliwa asking Cruz about whether he would try for a sex toy ban if he were to become president (though part of his question is cut off). This is what Cruz had to say:

Look, of course not. It’s a ridiculous question and of course not. What people do in their own private time with themselves is their own business and it’s none of government’s business.

Did Cruz say this because his former college roommate Craig Mazin (what an amazing name) called him out on masturbating in their shared dorm room? Regardless, it does seem kind of crazy to try and ban sex toys as a presidential candidate, even if you are running on a Republican and evangelical Christian platform. So there you go, considered the topic of what Ted Cruz thinks of other people’s self love habits closed.

(via Mediaite)