Sally Yates Went Toe To Toe With Ted Cruz And Schooled Him On The Legality Of Trump’s Muslim Ban

Sally Yates is testifying before the Senate today about the connections former security adviser Michael Flynn had with various Russian entities, although the GOP is notably attempting whenever possible to avoid the topic. Unfortunately, that has not gone well for them, as a strategy.

Above you’ll see video of Ted Cruz, who couldn’t stay on topic, asking Sally Yates about the constitutionality of Trump’s Muslim ban (which she told the DOJ not to enforce in January, and Trump responded by firing her). In theory, Cruz should have a handle on this, being a former Supreme Court clerk among other things. Instead, as you can see from the video, Yates turns it around on Cruz and more or less politely explains constitutional law to him on national television, and then, the kicker: Yates turns Cruz’s final “gotcha” question around on him, pointing out how Trump’s Muslim ban attempted to avoid proper process from the Attorney General’s office.

Needless to say, Cruz promptly got nailed on Twitter:

It’s become clear over the last year or so that really, there’s never a good day to be Ted Cruz, a man whose alleged affairs-with-five-women scandal didn’t stick around because people flatly refused to believe it for obvious reasons. But this particular day is probably worse than most.