The Donald Trump-Ted Cruz Fight Gets Ugly With An Unexpected Lead In Iowa

Every serious presidential candidate knows how much the great state of Iowa means when predicting success toward a gold-plated White House. Make no mistake, the aesthetic overhaul of a potential Trump presidency will not be a pretty one for haters of yellow gold. Fortunately (or not), an awkward dark horse will ride forth in this eventful GOP presidential campaign, whereby only the most controversial candidate shall win the nomination.

Who will win this faux-UFC championship?

Perhaps the man in the gingham shirt shall rise to the top. People hate Ted Cruz with decades of experience yet snarl at Donald Trump with a more widespread approach. Both men carry a large fanbase and opposing set of detractors, but only one can secure the GOP nomination. According to a recent Bloomberg poll of Iowans, Cruz’s down-home sensibilities have taken a surprising lead against the flashier Trump:

The firebrand junior senator from Texas is backed by 31 percent of those likely to attend the Republican caucuses that start the presidential nomination season on Feb. 1. Trump is a distant second at 21 percent, up slightly from 19 percent in October, but below his peak of 23 percent in August.

Even more surprising in these results is how Ben Carson, the close and personal friend of Jesus, has fallen to 13 percent. Far behind the pack (with 1 percent) stands Carly Fiorina, who saw a sad turnout during her town hall meetings last week:

This photo wouldn’t have even hit the political radar if Fiorina hadn’t gotten busted with her version of the same meeting. Somehow, her team’s cropping of this image makes the situation seem worse.

The next GOP presidential debate will air on Tuesday, December 15 on CNN.

(Via CBS Evening News & Bloomberg)