Ted Nugent Calls Himself A ‘Motown Black Man’ Who’s Ready To Set Democrat Slaves Free

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It’s a Black History Month miracle as conservative rocker Ted Nugent, who once compared President Obama to a “chimp” and “subhuman mongrel,” has declared himself a black man, specifically a “Motown black man.” And The Nooge’s first order of business as a “large, in charge” brotha with the “defiance of Rosa Parks”? Freeing all the modern-day slaves still trapped on the Democratic Party’s plantation, apparently.

The 66-year-old self-proclaimed “gay vegetarian pirate” penned an open letter on World Net Daily to announce his change in race and to warn his “fellow black brothers and sisters” of the dangers of voting Democrat.

It’s been over 50 years that the modern slave masters known as the Democratic Party created policies and programs designed to keep black folk down. Through their scamming so-called anti-poverty programs, the Democratic Party has enslaved far too many black Americans into a life of poverty.

Poverty runs rampant in our communities. Unemployment amongst my black brothers and sisters is double that of white Americans. And what does the Democratic Party propose doing? The same scams it has been pulling off for the past 50 years: enticing black folk to look to Uncle Sugar for the cure when it’s been Uncle Sugar who has put black folk on the poverty plantation.

Nugent argues that the Democratic Party’s influence on the black community and its actions are crimes against humanity. “They have essentially killed the dream of the promised land that brother Martin Luther King spoke about, yet the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and others still support the Democratic Party. Simply amazing.”

Still speaking as a black man, Nugent calls the party wolves in sheep’s clothing for “conning us into voting for them for decades” and “our votes” being against “our own” economic self-interest. Nugent urges black voters to reject all Democratic candidates in 2016 unless they want more “poverty, hopelessness, crime, imprisonment and cultural devastation.”

Nugent’s controversial comments come a couple of days after the rocker went on an anti-semitic rant while arguing against gun control. And a few years after the Ted Nugent Black Power Tour 2013.

The black delegation hasn’t officially convened to discuss Nugent’s application to be a black man, but like Rachel Dolezal before him, it’s going to be a staunch “nope!” from us.

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