A Teen With Down Syndrome Has An Amazing Reaction To Landing His First Job

As everyone knows, the interwebs are over-saturated with videos of mindless junk that we could probably do without. So, it’s a breath of fresh air when a clip like this comes along.

This YouTube video features 19-year-old Ben Sunderman, a young man afflicted with Down syndrome. Ben and his family had recently applied for an internship, via Project Search, at an Embassy Suites hotel in Frisco, Texas. The clip starts with Ben receiving a large envelope in the mail and is asked by his mom, Sharon, to read it aloud. Nervously, Ben reads the letter and finds out he has, in fact, been accepted to the internship he had applied for. In a fantastic moment, he bear hugs and high-fives his dad, Scott, and does an awesome fist-pump celebration.

This is just an amazing sight to witness. It’s great to see someone so appreciative and full of life over getting a job, something that many of us take for granted. Good for you, Ben.

Source: Mirror UK