Terry Crews Is On A Mission To Dismantle The ‘Complicit System’ Of Sexual Assault

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Terry Crews has been through the wringer since going public with sexual assault allegations against a then-unnamed “Hollywood honcho,” who was later revealed to be William Morris Endeavor executive Adam Venit. Although Crews was unsuccessful in getting Venit charged with criminal sexual assault, Venit did later issue the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star an apology in March of 2018, taking responsibility for the incident.

But an apology wasn’t enough, and Crews wasn’t satisfied until Venit gave his official resignation later this year, taking full accountability.

In a new profile with Esquire, Crews explained why abusers taking accountability is so important in the age of the #MeToo movement, and that his end-goal now is to dismantle the “complicit system” of sexual assault in America. “I am feeling vigilant for those who are still fighting,” he told the publication. “Halfway into the suit, I’d spent almost four hundred thousand dollars. How can a normal person do this? I spent the equivalent of a house.”

“You can’t treat me that way. No man, woman, or child can be treated this way, ever. I got zero tolerance,” he continued, before getting candid on why it’s so important to stand up for others.

“See, there’s a little boy inside Terry Crews. He was molested. If I don’t stand up for him, who will? Every person on Earth is still that kid. You’re still that kid. There are a lot of people who’ve cheered me on since then. It’s been a victory for a lot of people who could not speak.”

“This whole past year has been like an episode of Black Mirror,” he says. “And now I’m standing in the end credits. So much brain space, so much energy went to this. I just told my manager, ‘I need three more jobs.'”

And as Esquire noted, between the time the interview took place and was published, Crews has since been announced as the host of a new America’s Got Talent spin-off. In both his personal and professional life, Terry Crews may very well be the most honest and hardest working man in Hollywood.

(Via Esquire)