Terry Crews Made A PSA With Samantha Bee To Illustrate Why Sexual Assault Jokes Really Aren’t Funny

As the #MeToo movement gained steam last fall, Terry Crews contributed his own account, in which he accused Hollywood executive Adam Venit of sexually assaulting him at a party. Crews later expressed his belief that coming forward negatively affected his career, and now, he’s teamed up with Samantha Bee on Full Frontal to slam the misconceived notion (embraced by other certain late-night hosts who are not Bee) that sexual assault jokes are somehow hilarious.

Specifically here, Crews is addressing prison rape jokes about men (in which people gleefully hope that “justice” will arrive behind bars) or wisecracks about priests sexually assaulting young boys. Bee introduces the segment by citing statistics that show that males are “vastly more likely to be sexually assaulted than to be falsely accused of rape,” and then the pair gets real:

Crews: “Stop telling those f*cking jokes.”

Bee: “They’re not funny. They’ve never been funny.”

Crews: “You’re a hack and everyone knows it.”

Further and to illustrate the full ridiculousness of the situation, the two run down some unfunny scenarios that still manage to be preferable to rape “jokes.” Yes, there’s a pie to the face, and bees, because — get it — Samantha Bee. Despite all the absurdity within the segment, the point comes across well … that rape is never a laughing matter, so it’s time to dump the jokes.