A Series Of Chemical Plant Explosions In Texas Has Left Two People Injured And Another One Missing

A series of explosions at a chemical plant in Hood County, Texas have reportedly left two workers injured, while another remains missing. According to CBS News, the successive explosions occurred at a liquid chemical plant operated by Tri-Chem Industries just outside of the city of Fort Worth in the northern part of the state. Because of the nature of the fire’s contents, the authorities “are advising the public to go to a hospital if they came into contact with smoke from the explosion.”

CBS News initially reported that there was only one injured and one missing following the blasts. However, local ABC affiliate WFAA is now reporting that at least two people were injured by the incident. The mayor of nearby Cresson, Texas, Bob Cornett, explained “the liquid chemical plant manufactures products like soap and acid,” and that “there has been a massive fire department response to the explosion.” The initial explosion occurred around 10:00 am local time, with the second blast happening as WFAA’s helicopter-mounted camera was rolling at around 11:15 am.

The company’s website indicates that the plant is a “chemical blending facility” that specifically deals with manufacturing and mixing “phosphoric acid, citric acid, silicone antifoam and emulsions, phosphates, and asphalt additives” for various products. Even so, the cause of the two explosions and the resulting fire remains unknown at this time.

(Via CBS News and WFAA)