The Daily Show’ Presents A Glimpse Of How Bill O’Reilly’s Replacements Are Carrying His Torch

As Sarah Palin pointed out to Jake Tapper earlier on Thursday, Fox News needs to change their environment and culture following the departure of Bill O’Reilly. The former host was fired after the backlash to reports of past sexual allegations and settlements from both the network and O’Reilly himself that totaled $13 million. The host was still defiant on his way out and Fox reshuffled their lineup, something many in late night noticed when addressing the shakeup over the past few days. Stephen Colbert couldn’t help getting one more celebratory jab in at O’Reilly, but The Daily Show decided to take a different route by shining some light on those replacing O’Reilly in primetime.

With a special online montage, all of those mentioned to be floating in to fill the void — plus a few more from President Trump’s favorite show Fox And Friends — and the running theme seems to be that O’Reilly wasn’t the only one dabbling in the “sexy time” at Fox News. There’s no grunting like a wild boar, but there’s plenty of stuff that makes you scratch your head. It’s especially weird when you see women who are now in the headlines because they are speaking out against Fox. Gretchen Carlson’s face carries a lot of weight and Andrea Tantaros holding the carrot is just blatant, especially when Bob Beckel opens his mouth.

Being outraged seems to be a waste of energy, but a clip like this lend a lot of support to the claims that Fox News is like the Playboy club.

(Via The Daily Show)