‘The Daily Show’ Laments The All-Too-Short Tenure Of Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci

Late night television paid tribute to the swift exit of Anthony Scaramucci in a very similar fashion across the board. Most put up the moody dates of his tenure in the White House, others like Stephen Colbert decided to sing a song about their feelings, and pretty much everybody had to scuttle their plans for tons of “The Mooch” coverage. But The Daily Show went ahead and captured the entire rocky tenure of the latest White House director of communications, including his role in the exit of Reince Priebus from the Trump administration.

Trevor Noah’s send-off also acts as a fine companion to their goodbye segment for Sean Spicer at the beginning of Scaramucci’s time in the White House. He wasn’t even officially in the position yet and he accomplished so much mayhem, making his departure good for America but bad for comedy writers everywhere.

The inclusion of Priebus in the segment is the other real treat because in the end of it all, he’s the bigger fool that was taken down by Scaramucci’s blitzkrieg. Not only was he forced out of his job, he was humiliated by The Mooch in the comm director’s explicit New Yorker interview, he had his embarrassing antics from the past six months shared in public, and was left behind on a rainy tarmac after being fired on Air Force One. Scaramucci did get divorced and escorted out of The White House, but he never ended up being called in to swat flies for the president.

In the end, there are no winners here. We’re all losers.