‘The Daily Show’ Gauges The Resistance On The Street At The Inauguration And Women’s March

The bulk of the late night shows sent someone to Donald Trump’s inauguration it seems. While Triumph pooped all over Trump’s supporters, The Daily Show took another path while covering Friday’s events and Saturday’s protests. Jordan Klepper and Desi Lydic were both on the ground. Klepper faced major regrets at the inauguration itself before Lydic took the reigns for Saturday’s Women’s March.

Klepper spent most of his time saying goodbye to things like the EPA and visiting one of DC’s terrible strip clubs. He then hit The Mall and chatted with a few of the folks in attendance before swirling down the drain into a drunken night of regrets. Then Lydic comes in like a phoenix, snatches the booze from his hands, and dives into the crowd at the Women’s March.

There’s definitely a difference in tone, which might be played up because it is The Daily Show. We did see the crowds on both days, though, so the segments might not be far off from reality.

Later in the show, Lydic returned in the studio for a look through the “alternative facts” being shared by the Trump campaign. This weekend introduced “alternative facts,” which is just another term for lies, and most people online took it and ran with it. The Daily Show is no different, rolling through most of Trump’s claims about inauguration day.

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