‘The View’ Debated The Ethics Of Airing Sam Nunberg’s Unhinged Cable News Interviews

It’s hard to believe that just 24 hours ago, the world was largely unaware of the existence of former Trump campaign advisor Sam Nunberg, who made his fiery cable news debut on Monday afternoon with a string of increasingly unhinged interviews over being subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation. While Nunberg may have been ratings gold, in the aftermath many are wondering whether or not it was ethical to allow a clearly troubled person free range on live television — particularly CNN’s Erin Burnett, who asked Nunberg point blank whether he was “drunk or off [his] meds.”

Naturally, the televised outbursts were a leading topic of conversation among the ladies on The View on Tuesday morning, who were as incredulous as everyone else watching the mess unfold. (Meghan McCain in particular hilariously tweeted, “What the [bleep] am I watching on CNN right now with this Sam Nunberg interview?!?!?”)

“If Nunberg was a little out of it, should they have put him on the air?” asked host Whoopi Goldberg. “If she smelled alcohol, should he have been on the air?”

“I think it’s legitimate to say, ‘Are you drunk right now?'” said Joy Behar. “Because he’s been rambling and acting combatively and crazy, it’s a wonder he’s not still working for Trump though, that’s the amazing thing.”

Sunny Hostin meanwhile thought the whole thing felt a bit too exploitative, especially being that CNN had him on several times throughout the afternoon and evening, and that she and McCain had been texting back and forth wondering if he was drunk or what. “At 2:30 in the afternoon we were texting, is he sober or having a mental breakdown,” added the token conservative. “Because I wanted to know — I don’t want to call my own lawyer because he’ll charge me, so I texted [Sunny] asking what are the legal ramifications of what he’s saying and doing.”

“This is a protege of Roger Stone, anyone just Google how crazy that man is, he was fired from the Trump campaign 15 months ago,” McCain continued. “He clearly is a man that is having some kind of– he’s not in control of himself in one way or another, and I think there’s very gray ethics of having someone like that on television.”

Whichever the case, we’ll probably find out more soon, because it seems as if Nunberg is far from finished speaking out.