This Woman Went Outside For The First Time In Years And Fell Down A Manhole

scared granny

A woman named Janet Faal (this will be important in a moment) has only left her house three times in the past 10 years. Faal, who suffers from debilitating agoraphobia, doesn’t believe that the world outside her home is a safe place. Unfortunately, a short trip she took with her friend confirmed her darkest fears when she took a few steps and plunged down a manhole. So much for rehabilitation.

The Daily Mail reports that Faal, who was trying to help her friend move a pallet that was blocking her car, was rewarded for her efforts with two black eyes, a broken leg and an hour-long wait for the paramedics:

‘I took a step over – never in my life did I think there was a hole underneath, I thought it had just fallen over. The next thing I remember is the pain. It was awful.

‘I fell and smashed my face on the pallet, and I was in the hole with blood all over me and I couldn’t move.’

Faal says that she doesn’t think she’ll leave her house again. Her son, who has to care for her, is angry at “whoever owns the manhole” and is demanding something be done about it immediately. Both Faals are also annoyed at the paramedics , who took so long to arrive because the fall wasn’t considered a class A medical emergency:

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service confirmed its attendance and explained why it took so long for an ambulance to arrive.

He said: ‘When the call came in, with the information provided by the caller, it was classified as a “class C” call.

‘We always do our best to back up the first paramedic as soon as we can but life-threatening calls have to take priority.’

I probably wouldn’t ever leave the house again either.

(Via The Daily Mail)