Tim Kaine Compares Trump’s Encouragement Of Russian Hackers To The Watergate Break-In

On Sunday, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine compared Donald Trump‘s encouragement of Russian hackers to target Hillary Clinton emails to the Watergate scandal during an appearance on ABC’s “The Week.”

“A president was impeached and had to resign over an attack on the DNC during a presidential election in 1972. This is serious business,” Kaine said. He defended his running mate’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, saying that she has admitted and apologized for her mistakes.

“But on the other hand we’ve got a candidate in Donald Trump who won’t release his tax returns to the public after he promised to do so,” Kaine went on. “And talk about national security — he has openly encouraged Russia to engage in cyber hacking to try to find more emails or materials, and we know that this cyber attack on the DNC was likely done by Russia.”

The Virginia governor was referring to comments made by Trump in July, in which he openly encouraged Russian hackers to target Hillary Clinton and release confidential state department emails. The Republican presidential nominee later walked his statement back, calling it “sarcasm.”

“So, contrast the Hillary situation, where the FBI said there’s no need for legal proceedings, with an attack that is being encouraged by Donald Trump on the DNC by Russia similar to what led to resignation of a president 30 years ago,” Kaine said.

(Via CNN)

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