Tomi Lahren Warns Of A ‘Black Market For Toilet’ Paper In The U.S. If A Candidate Like Bernie Sanders Is Elected

Conservative (sort-of) firebrand Tomi Lahren, having recovered from her most recent three rounds of Internet controversies, made a convocation address (during a week that will also feature Ray Rice and Corey Lewandowski as speakers) at Liberty University. She spoke on a number of subjects, including free speech and feminism, but — weirdly (or not so much) — she of the alleged butt-warming pad divadom eventually changed the subject to … toilet paper.

More specifically, Lahren can be seen (in the above Raw Story clip) warning that U.S. voters who “don’t bathe” will one day elect a candidate with a “socialist dream” like Bernie Sanders. In turn, she fears that this will result in the government giving away tons of “free things” and creating a toilet-paper black market. Or something like that:

“We might just end up with Bernie as a president if we do not pay attention and educate our Bernie supporters. They really do want what’s best for this country, they just have a math problem … [L]et me tell you, there’s no such thing as free. But that’s how they get you. Socialism starts out with the promise of free things and it turns into a black market for toilet paper. And if you think I’m kidding, take a look at Venezuela. I’m not kidding you, there’s a black market for toilet paper.”

In all fairness, there is indeed a toilet paper shortage in Venezuela, along with a shortage of many other essential products. This problem has obviously led to plenty of op-eds and economic analyses, but almost everyone agrees that Venezuela’s problems are an extreme example of an economic collapse. And of course, Lahren always seizes upon the most extreme and drama-filled example possible to make her point. And here we are, talking about toilet paper, so I guess she wins this round against the Internet? Well played.

(Via Raw Story & News & Advance)