This Lady Newscaster Mercilessly Tears Into ‘Mediocre’ Millennials With A Rant

You may not know newscaster Tomi Lahren by name, but chances are good that you’ve heard one of her “spirited” rants at some point. In 2015, she famously ranted about President Obama, terrorism, and radical Islam. She’s also gone on record to imply Hillary Clinton is man. Lahren may have grown up sitting in front of HBO and memorizing every word of Dennis Miller’s “I don’t want to get off on a rant”-style speeches. After all, her cadence of speaking does sound familiar.

Super-conservative Lahren currently hosts her own online commentary show on The Blaze. One of her latest target is The Millennial. In this video, Lahren tears into those who get down with the #MillennialBillOfRights complaints all over social media. She’s quick to point out that she, too, is a millennial, but she’s sick and tired for different reasons than most.

Lahren has no sympathy for those who hang on social media all day, and of course, she’s opposed to those who vote liberal. Lahren praises “go getters” and rips into those who (she says) feel life should be “easy” or “free.” Her thoughts are not new, but Lahren certainly receives attention, and those who believe in her message elevate her. Those who dislike what she’s saying elevate her too. Lahren is all-around hard to ignore, and you’ll find yourself either agreeing or shaking your head. Whatever the case, you shall be entertained by her distaste for, well, everything.

P.S. Lahren is also not a fan of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half-time show. She tells Bey to stop politicizing football and “start at home” because “your husband was a drug dealer.” Hoo boy.

(Via BroBible)