Transgender Woman Mara Keisling Used The Women’s Bathroom In The North Carolina Governor’s Office

On Monday, LGBT activists visited the North Carolina state capitol to protest HB2, the anti-LGBT law that, among other things, bans transgender people from using the public restrooms of their choice. One activist went with the ultimate act of defiance — Mara Keisling, a transgender woman, used the women’s bathroom at Governor Pat McCrory’s office. She then documented it with the above Facebook post.

According to BuzzFeed News, Keisling talked about how no one did anything when they saw her enter. Even when she talked about what she did in front of a state police officer, he didn’t make a move. She says that this proves that the law is unenforceable: “They are not even enforcing this stupid law in state office buildings, which is where it applies.”

She also challenges the part of the law saying that people have to use the restrooms that correspond with the gender found on their birth certificate:

“How many tourists and lobbyists carry their birth certificate when they go to capitol?” Keisling asked. “If they are going to check my birth certificate, they damn well check everybody’s birth certificate. And if they check my anatomy, they have to check everybody else’s. That is how this country works — laws have to be enforced equally.”

Along with all the lost business, and the federal lawsuit that it has incurred, the fallout over this law is continuing.

(Via BuzzFeed News)