Trevor Noah Uses A Skittles Analogy Of His Own To Highlight Trump’s Shady Charity Practices

Donald Trump Jr.’s use of Skittles in his latest attempt to help his father on immigration has rubbed plenty the wrong way. Skittles responded with some class and the photographer behind the image revealed his status as an immigrant, which meant nothing to the Trump campaign since they decided to stand by the image. That leaves it up as fodder for the late-night crew, with The Daily Show leading the way.

Trevor Noah decides to use a Skittles reference of his own to explain some of the key shadiness about Trump’s campaign and business practices. Instead of talking immigrants, Noah focuses on the new revelations about Trump’s use of charity money. He also brings Skittles and more candy into play to go one step further to explain Trump’s controversial stance on birtherism and his infuriating speech from Friday night.

In the end, Noah comes to the realization that Trump Jr.’s Skittles comparison actually works as a reverse comparison for Trump’s entire campaign. Instead of three being poison, The Daily Show host says the entire bowl is poison and people only want to focus on the three pieces of candy that aren’t. “His charities are a ripoff, his university was a ripoff, his tax returns are nowhere to be found,” says Noah, noting how all of those things are essentially poison or would be poison for any other candidate running for president. Trump seems to be poison-resistant.

(Via The Daily Show)

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