Trevor Noah Attempts To Determine Where World War III Will Begin Using His Button Of Doom

Trevor Noah returned from an eventful trip to Spain for a new slate of episodes for The Daily Show this week and he had plenty to catch up on. He had some time to cover the White House’s weird introduction to the annual Easter egg roll, but the real prize was his coverage of all the impending wars we’re about to trip into. People like to say that Donald Trump’s Twitter is going to start World War III but the bombs and public statements by the administration might do a better job.

Noah whips out his trusty “button of doom” to run down all of the different locales we’re itching to start a fight, featuring a few surprises. We’ve got our current situations in Iraq and Afghanistan to consider, the president telling the media that North Korea needs to behave during the Easter egg roll, and whatever the deal with Syria is at this point. We’re apparently one Ivanka Trump request away from conflict at any moment, at least we are according to Eric Trump and the folks at Infowars.

Technically North Korea is still at war, so any real fighting is just a continuation of what came to a halt in 1983 when Alan Alda boarded that chopper and said goodbye to the 4077th MASH unit. It’s really the easiest bet for World War III to start given its neighbors, but you have to hold a candle for that possible Hollywood war.

Elsewhere on the show, Noah talks a bit about the funny dose of culture he got while in Spain. Seeing a bunch of guys in hoods carrying torches is typically not a good sign, but it is a tradition in Spain for some Christians. They don’t have the most positive history either, though.

(Via The Daily Show)