Trevor Noah Is ‘Offended By The Hypocrisy’ Of Tomi Lahren Being Suspended By The Blaze For Being Pro-Choice

Tomi Lahren highlighted one of the most memorable moments of Trevor Noah’s tenure as Daily Show host. His initial “infatuation” with Lahren led to a much talked about interview with The Blaze host that sparked a lot of discussions. Some commended the host’s desire to apparently build bridges with those who disagree with him, while others wanted to know why he was trying to normalize someone like Tomi Lahren. She’s said some heinous stuff and Noah sorta lobbed a softball at her in some people’s eyes.

Now that she’s in exile from The Blaze, it’s time for Noah to come to her defense a bit. He’s offended that The Blaze would go against their own message against being politically correct to toss Lahren out for sharing her views on abortion. And Noah makes a good case, you have to admit, following it up with a slight burn on Lahren’s views on the Black Lives Matters protests we’ve seen around the country.

In a counter to Tomi Lahren losing her job, he follows it up with a look at Ivanka Trump gaining a new, unnamed, mystery job in The White House. Is she going to be wrangling the president’s phone from him? Is she finally just going to be in charge of it all while Trump sits back and takes the credit. Could she be the true brains of the operation, with Steve Bannon acting as a secondary brain to create some sort of hive mind? For Noah, it’s just pure nepotism in its purest form. And it’s not too surprising either.

(Via The Daily Show)