Trevor Noah Connects The Dots That Led To Trump’s Shocking Dismissal Of FBI Director James Comey

If you were shocked by the sudden dismissal of FBI director James Comey on Tuesday, imagine having to put together a late program at the very time that the news was breaking. Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah were some of the first to address the termination, with The Daily Show host using it to bolster his already existing segment on the ongoing investigation into Russia’s alleged involvement in the Trump campaign. If the Comey dismissal was a deflection to shift attention away from the Russia investigation, it had the opposite effect.

Even with The Daily Show report, it is pretty obvious that folks aren’t about to let up on Russia. While Kellyanne Conway and other surrogates make the media rounds to clean up this mess, the message being sent by the White House seems to be one of surprise. They didn’t expect this to be a major story and they didn’t expect people to cause a political fuss. Now Democrats and Republicans alike are questioning why this happened and the timing behind it.

Noah runs down the Sally Yates testimony, the news that President Obama warned Trump about Michael Flynn during their meeting, and even gave the president’s Twitter more attention than it ever deserved. It is true, though. When something goes wrong or Trump wants to try to keep his side of the story intact, he tweets a lot more than he normally would. But that’s better than just randomly firing somebody in the middle of the week and doing it in a way that the believe it’s an elaborate joke.

It’s not even officially the Summer at this point, but things are sizzling. Soon enough the president might just blow all the bridges in D.C. and turn the city into some sort of John Carpenter situation.

(Via The Daily Show)