Thank God, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Is Hassling People At The RNC

If one edition of Triumph’s Election Special 2016 wasn’t enough, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog of Late Night with Conan O’Brien fame is back for another bout of puppet-on-the-street reporting. This time, creator Robert Smigel and his crew took the foul-mouthed, pooping pooch to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, presumably to gather footage for the next special. Like before, Triumph and Smigel are appearing all over social media — interrupting live broadcasts, embarrassing pundits and annoying politicians as much as possible.

For example, the Hulu and Funny or Die-funded group stopped by CNN’s sets in Quicken Loans Arena to see who they could talk to. Among the possible candidates were Anderson Cooper, who toyed with Triumph for a brief moment but went back to work. Yet the meatiest exchange came when the cameras tracked down anchors Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer. Tapper and Triumph engaged in a short conversation about Tuesday’s theme, “Make America Work Again,” to which the latter took issue.

“Last night’s theme was ‘Get Scott Baio Some Work Again,'” he quipped. The three anchors and their CNN cohorts immediately broke into laughter. Especially Blitzer, whose admiration caught Triumph’s eye.

“That’s a good one, right? Even Wolf turned around for that one. Even Wolf likes that!”

Check out the full 20-minute Facebook Live video below.

(Via Splitsider)