Trump Gives Just The Most Side-Splitting Answer When Asked What Advice He’d Give Himself At 25

President Donald Trump sat down for a panel discussion at the Generation Next Summit that was held in Washington on Thursday afternoon; a forum for millennials to discuss everything from the economy and tax reform to the opioid crisis. During the question and answer style chat, Trump was lobbed mostly softball questions by student moderator Ryan Fournier, who serves as the chairman for the Students For Trump non-profit organization.

Case in point, the the above clip Fournier asks the commander-in-chief: “What advice would you give to the 25-year-old Donald Trump, knowing what you know today?”

“Don’t run for president,” Trump quipped, which is just super duper hilarious considering it’s a terribly kept secret that he may not like his job, and he really likely only ran in the first place both to get leverage for The Apprentice with NBC and stick it to the black president he hated so much.

“But we’re glad you did,” responded Fournier, as Trump soaked up the laughter and applause from the audience with that smug grin of his. “I was talking to Mercedes and Sarah walking [over here], you know the Oval Office is right across the street,” he continued, “And I said, all my life I’ve gotten really, you know, the greatest publicity, I was getting such great– until I ran for office.”

Huh, who’da thunk that public servants are scrutinized and held accountable for their actions. What a cruel joke life has played on poor Donald Trump, only American democracy is the even sadder punchline.