A Trump Adviser Admits They Need A ‘Miracle,’ According To Jim Acosta Of CNN

It’s still so very early with only a small number of state projections in place and a small number of precincts reporting, but it’s never too early for a bit of hand-wringing and gossip. Enter CNN’s Jim Acosta, who is reporting live from Trump campaign headquarters in Manhattan. According to Acosta, a senior Trump official already seems certain that the night isn’t going to go well for his candidate, reportedly saying that, “it will take a miracle for us to win.” So, grab an iPod and throw on the Beyonce playlist at Hillary headquarters? Not so fast.

So-called miracles happen in elections all the time and it’s also possible that this adviser is just wrong, but it’s interesting that Acosta’s source went further and sounded as though he was trying out excuses (the blow dealt to the campaign by the Access Hollywood video and Trump’s inability to stay on message, at time). Regardless, this election is going to be incredibly close and nerve-wracking. Take these little tidbits as mild reassurances if they speak favorably to your particular preferences and maybe wince and look for something more substantial if they don’t. But, you know, you can’t really spin it as “good news,” especially when voters are still waiting to cast their ballots, when a headline like that crawls across the screen of a major cable news network.