North Korea Likens President Trump’s ‘America First’ Slogan To ‘Nazism In The 21st Century’

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Pyongyang is feeling like Leningrad circa September, 1941 — when thousands froze and starved as the Nazis attempted to conquer Russia one and for all. The Korean Central News Agency released a report comparing President Trump’s America First slogan to Nazi ideology and U.S. sanctions against North Korea to the infamous siege of what is now St. Petersburg. Or it could be that North Korea is simply upset that Trump will soon be meeting with South Korean President moon Jae-in, as tensions on the Korean peninsula continue to deteriorate.

The report really doesn’t mince words. One statement read Trump’s America First policy “is the American version of Nazism far surpassing the fascism in the last century in its ferocious, brutal and chauvinistic nature.” Another section of the editorial read that the United States’ stance on North and South Korea is “based on Hitler’s dictatorial policies that separate people from their peers, justifies oppression and creates an atmosphere of fear in American political, social, media and information circles.”

North Korea also criticized the United States’ approach to relations with other countries. The editorial blamed the U.S. for “a vicious cycle of destruction, slaughter and instability in the Middle East” and claimed that U.S. foreign policy would “trample on the sovereignty, livelihoods and rights of development of other nations in order to benefit the United States.”

(Via: Fox News and The Telegraph)